She’s The Funny , Cool , Quiet but Charming , Laidback Girl That Everyone seems to be addicted too , her vibe is so comfortable and welcoming it’s hard to get over her , the type of girl you’ll run away with and not think twice about the consequences Stands on the Word Loyalty Always showing she cares Seems To Understand everybody but nobody understand her , very secretive and discreet she trust no one but still find it in her to love all
Oh how I miss Nautica she would make everything better right now
by Kissinmissin November 23, 2021
Hey Nautica
Nautica is a name
by November 24, 2021
brand of clothing that make sick shirts that lads and graffas wear.
Tommo: ben that nautica shirt is sik
Ben: i no braz
by benjohnson May 1, 2005
Nautica is very cool. He likes gaming (specifically Valorant) and is very good at them. He’s also very funny. I think he’s a great person.
Woah Nautica’s hella cool
by loovveebugg September 11, 2022