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A young student who has brought the laws of humanity and sanity into his own hands within the foundations of a established education system, The naughty school boy thrives on seaxual refferences and will use them to their best of their ablity making clever comments which are usually flat one-liners failing to connect with the audience offenly leading to the indivual being considered a pedivile or "chokes the neck of the chicken to much when mom or dad are out of the house". These creatures/indivduals should be approched with cation. Use compilcated and allaborate words to confuse the beast and thus bring their erousal to a immediate halt.
He is such a Naughty School boy. Just because god gave me big boobs.

A Naughty School boy has been foundeling the skelton in science class today. Again.
by The Messiah of the decendents January 23, 2014
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