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Used to describe the sluttiest of the sluttiest, the skankiest of the skankiest, the bitchiest of the bitchiest, the doberman of the female world.

Is into whips, chains, bondage, collars, charts, short fat bald hairy men, teasing, half filled waterballoons that are tied in a strange way and queefing just because they can.

Cannot recieve a pearl necklace because they lack the required requirements to do so.

They will happily take a facial in place of the necklace because they like the taste of man mustard. They give bonus points if it is unleashed in their hair.

Should be avoided at all costs. Not just because they have a severe case of Pussy Maggots but because they have a tendancy to fuck with your head.
WOW! look at her, she must be one of those Naughty Nikki types, I'm gonna unleash some of my man mustard in her hair while holding onto her dog collar while writing it down and smacking her titties
by ThatGuyWithTheBoner11 August 08, 2010
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