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Naudiahs are the most craziest people you will ever meet she can be werid sometimes but shes a shy person sometimes . Naudiahs are very funny and slow. Naudiahs are talent and they like being around people sometimes they mostly like being by their self. Naudiahs are just as pretty as a princess but they slow like a turtle. Naudiahs love to eat so watch out and if Naudiah have a crush on you she want tell you but she will give you hints. Naudiah just like being herself and enjoying life and she love having fun and smilling. Naudiah have bad attudes problem so dont get on her bad side. Naudiah likes to be around boys because girl are to messy and stupid thats what naudiah thinks and naudiah does not care what she says she will say anything that come out her mouth she dont care about your feelings she will hurt them. Naudiah like trash talking and playing around if you dont like to play and goof around naudiah want talk to you. Naudiah gets in trouble alot but they are smart girls and thats what i like about them. And them naudiahs are thick asf so watch out.#teamnaudiahs
A hatin bitch:Yoe naudiah you gone get fat.
Naudiah: Yoe mama fat BITCH.
by January 11, 2018
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