This helps women to not get r@ped by any chance . We will protect ourselves and make it feel like the purge for em.๐Ÿ˜ˆ
Jeff: ready to go r@pe some girls
Jack: wait omg- no itโ€™s national purge day as-well

Jeff: the girls are gonna get us...
by National girls purge day April 21, 2021
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Its time for girls/women's to have some revenge ey??
National Purge Day For Women.This is for the girls/women. It's time we "fight back" rightt?? We should go and hit every pedo/rapers! Since boys are unmature enough to make "rape day". Why shouldn't we not make purge dayy to kill/hit or whatever to those nasty boys!
by 4st0r1aa. April 20, 2021
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