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January 26th is the day to walk up To Faith and try and kiss them
Faith: hey what’s up
* kisses faith*
Faith: uh why did you do that?
You: It’s national kiss faith day
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May 7th is National Kiss Someone Day and it can't be your mom or dad or anyone in your family, it has to be a crush or a friend.
You : Did you know what May 7th is?
Friend : No, What is it?
You : It's National Kiss someone Day
Friend : Oh shit, Who Do I Kiss First?
by yessirtoday May 5, 2020
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National kiss vinny day is on January 4. Any person named vinny you see you need to kiss. They deserve it.
The kiss slowly turned into gay sex on National Kiss Vinny day
by Herepants January 3, 2022
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I stuck my youngest into my boyfriends mouth because it’s National French kiss day
by Monkeys bus January 30, 2020
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National kiss sammy day . The day where everyone gets to adore anyone called sam,samantha or sammy/sammi.
Boy 1: ooh look its Sam I'm gonna go kiss her
Boy 2 : count me in its national kiss sammy day
by User9283782837373 October 3, 2020
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