(Nov. 3rd) Kiss Savannah. The hottest most sexiest girl out there. She will steal your virginity in a heartbeat. She is drop dead gorgeous and is a great kisser.
National kiss Savannah day is a day to kiss Savannah
Go kiss Savannah man, today's your day
Savannah is hot go kiss her
by willard478 October 29, 2019
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December 21st is National First Kiss Day. Anyone who hasn't had their first kiss can ask anyone to kiss them on December 21st.
Kissing Virgin: Wanna know what today is:
Kisser: What?
Kissing Virgin: National First kiss day and I haven't had my first kiss, so...?
Kisser: Ok *kisses her*
by TheMeinster2998 December 8, 2020
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On April 17 this is a day where everyone could help out a hubert by hooking up with him
National kiss hubert day is great
by hubert is cool April 13, 2019
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October 20 is national kiss Jaden Jayden or any other spelling day, you kiss them on the lips once and spank there ass
Oh did you kiss Jaden today cause it’s national kiss Jaden day
by Bfinvcgj October 21, 2019
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January 26th is the day to walk up To Faith and try and kiss them
Faith: hey what’s up
* kisses faith*
Faith: uh why did you do that?
You: It’s national kiss faith day
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May 7th is National Kiss Someone Day and it can't be your mom or dad or anyone in your family, it has to be a crush or a friend.
You : Did you know what May 7th is?
Friend : No, What is it?
You : It's National Kiss someone Day
Friend : Oh shit, Who Do I Kiss First?
by yessirtoday May 5, 2020
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