The 28th of April is the day you makeout with anyone you want, and get away with it.
by YBN QueefStain April 26, 2018
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Where on this day at the bus stop or lunch time(any time you with your baby)kiss them and hug them.
Baby: Hey it's National Kiss Day

Girlfriend: Yeah we should make out
by Keep_It_Mellow_bissshh April 12, 2018
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April 13th is national kissing Day. As in lip to lip. Kiss that one special person or just yourself.
Hey it's national kissing day. Kiss me whore.
by ThyTailor April 12, 2018
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On national kissing day you can kiss your crush, girlfriend, boyfriend, just because you feel like it. National Kissing Day is on April 13th
Brad : I’m going to kiss Shelby on National Kissing Day
Jake : Good idea
by Alexis26 April 12, 2019
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October 3rd is National Kiss Day. Kiss a guy or a girl or heck kiss both!
John: It's National Kiss Day how about some lovin'?
Amanda: Awww c'mon!
by idiotsandwich October 3, 2018
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A day in which you should spend giving kisses to your spouse no matter where they’ll be
by Certified National Daily July 26, 2021
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