Y’all are actually sick that’s fucking nasty
Stop you weirdos

National grab dick day isnt a thing go watch ph or something
by November 27, 2021
The day on October 3rd to grab any guy's dick on purpose!
Brian: What day is it today?
Eva: *grabs Brian's dick* why it's national grab dick day
Brian: WOW COOL!
by Salchi October 3, 2018
When anyone can grabs anyone’s dick for the day, September 4th!
Pulls up and grabs dick
Hey what the fuc-
It’s national grab dick day
by Snowballsnowbal1000 August 30, 2019
A day wher it is completely fine to grab a mans dick
Qui qui grabbed the most dick on National grab dick day
by Pull-up nibbbaa boy April 12, 2018
on April 12 , it is national grab a dick day ! Ladies this is a free pass to touch your crushes or boyfriends dick and get away with it . it only lasts for a day so make it count
by Laura Diaz April 12, 2019