Horny fucks wanna grab some tits but can’t with out an excuse hey now you can it national grab boobs day.

Girls get days to grab dick why can’t we grab tits
“What’s today’s national holiday” said Dave “national grab boobs day” said Amy “oh I’m gonna grab your tits now” “please don’t” “ to bad it’s national grab boobs day” ”fine”.
by Hippieboy42069 April 12, 2019
This day is celebrated on April 12th! This is a day where you can grab you a pair of titties and that person cant slap you :D Remember to firmly grasp them ;)
Him: *grab a titties*
Her: WTF
Him: Its national grab boob day...
Her: Oard
by RicoNasty:D April 11, 2019
Its april 16 go grab her Boobs.. she might like it
Hey Alyssa can I grab your boobs for the 26 time its national grab boobs day
by Mctripster22 April 15, 2019
National grab boob day is when you get to grab a girls boob on November 13 so boys you have fun and girls run
1:damn did you see that girls rack
2:yeah did u know today is national grab day
1:well good to know

national grab boob day is were u grab her boobs
by charlie maid November 13, 2019