On April 13 it's National Grab Ass Day.
National Grab Ass Day is when you can just walk by and grab anyone's ass. Taken or non Taken.
by John Frye April 12, 2018
Be prepared to get your ass grabbed all day - months of january - december
“ just walk up and grab her ass it’s national Grab ass day for a reason”
by Auyyyyy den April 13, 2018
On November 13, it’s national grab ass day.
“yo gibby its national grab ass day”
“oh thats lit
by Yeet10283747 November 13, 2018
National Grab Ass Day is celebrated on April 11th. People who celebrate this holiday can grab all the ass or booty they want. It is usally frowned upon by females and seniors. Created in 2012 by a man named Chris Remmington Jr.
Hey girl, today is National Grab Ass Day, so can I grab your phat ass?
by Yeah, THAT guy. April 11, 2018
You all made it through grab ass day 1 but ur not ready for grab ass day 2 April 16th u have consent to grab everyone’s ass male,female,taken,single
Are you hype for National Grab Ass Day 2”
Hell no
by CTJLisNOTsus April 11, 2019
April 11th was national grab ass day , April 12th is national grab dick and grab ass remakes for the girls that didn’t believe!
Since Amelia didn’t believe it was national grab ass day , Johnny gets a retake on national grab ass day remake and she gets to grab his dick
by JasonJason7687 April 12, 2019