On August 30 , Is National Grab-ass Day so let anyone grab dat ass
Lemme grab dat ass because is National Grab-ass Day baby
by LuvScxrs August 29, 2019
On April 12th prepare to have your ass grabbed.
Girlfriend: WTF, John grabbed my ass today!!!
Boyfriend: Nah it’s okay, today is April 12th, National Grab Ass Day.
by bosephabraham April 12, 2019
National grab ass day is everyday all day. It is not April 11. It has not been moved to April 12th that’s some bull shit. NATIONAL GRAB ASS DAY IS EVERYDAY !!
by Yourmom69ma April 12, 2019
On October 3rd you may grab anybody’s ass without consequence
*grabs girls ass*
girl: “hey, why would you do that
guy: “because it’s national grab ass day
girl: “ohh alright your fine then
by EBE ACE #103 October 3, 2018
Grab some ass and smoke some weed
Damn I grabbed dat bootie while smoking a doobie because it's National Grab Ass Day 2018
by Mr Kush Bush April 12, 2018
It’s national grab ass day (October 4th) go get you some booty. All men are to pick one girl and grab their ass 10 times through out the day. If you do not succeed you are a lil bitch.
by Get it55773 October 3, 2018