On June 14th you can have sex with whoever you want and get away with it
Just go to a party and tell people it’s national sex day.
by eat peen April 13, 2019
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the day when everyone finds a partner and have sex
person 1:did you attend national sex day?
person 2:sorry i was born 9 months after
by lololololololololololol1234 October 07, 2019
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National Sex Day (I do not recommend 17 or younger continue with this) But, National Sex Day is the day you get your bf/gf/spouse/other and have some sex. Don't forget a couple of condoms and lube too maybe! Have fun!!
The one reading this fucked fucked the one they were with. It was a fun. National Sex Day: A fun night with the one you are with if they give consent
by I like trains7123 April 19, 2019
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OCTOBER 25 grab your men or woman or loved one!! and get it on for National Sex Day
jim: yo bro me and my girl havent gone at it in a while :(
tom: don’t worry jim that will change october 25!! For National Sex Day
by 7878 jim slim7878 October 20, 2019
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November 20th. National Sex Day is where you and a consenting individual have sex for the day.
Wow it’s National Sex Day! Are you ready to fuck?
by longdickedorange November 20, 2020
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