a day in which you are so happy and preppy that you decide that today or any other day will be national pink day in which you will be happy and merry and most importantly, wear pink!
People tommorow we're having National Pink Day because Lindsey is moving back so Michelle and Rebekah could be happy!
by PinkChic January 6, 2007
June 23th, a very pink day.. If your fav color is pink wear it... If you are a survivor of cancer wear link because JUNE 23TH is all about that! National Pink Day! -2019-2020
National Pink day is a day wear,
Pun intented, you dress up in any pink costume or and pink.
by IrafasW December 22, 2019
November 7th is the national pink cup day where u celebrate by drinking out of a pink cup. Also on this day you can skip school but you have to do the pink cup ritual where you sing ‘oH mY pInK cUp! PrAiSe ThY pInK cUp!’
Me: today is national pink cup day

J: really

Me: Yh

J: wait let me grab my pink cup
by Pink cup 10908 November 5, 2019
On November 7 we celebrate pink cup day where we buy pink cups from Walmart and dance around them because why not. Also the dance is a competition and whoever wins gets the cup cup trophy
George:today is national pink cup day
Matty: yesss I’ve been practicing my dancing skills so I’m totally gunna beat you
by Pink cup 10908 November 5, 2019
4/21 is the day used to celebrate everyone who has pink lungs still. keep calm and breathe on!
“What’s National Pink Lungs Day and why are all these cool people celebrating it?”
“It’s a day for the people who have never smoked! That’s why you see cool people celebrating it”
by simp69421 April 20, 2020