You can get head from anybody on April 27 even if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend it won’t matter because it’s national just ask anybody for head they won’t be able to deny it.
Him: Hey can I have head
Her:sure but only this day because it’s National Give Head Day
by National Day April 20, 2019
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On November 16th, you must give or receive head from your boyfriend, girlfriend, or dog
Boyfriend: It’s November 16!
Girlfriend: Hands up pants down! It’s National Give Head Day!
by CraftyCat05 November 11, 2019
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The Day Where Your Girlfriend/SideBitch Throws That Sloppy ass Neck. On this day, Darells will temporarily change their diet from 5 pounds of booty to rock hard penis.
by urmomagaylmao July 31, 2018
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This holiday is on July 3rd, it’s for all the Trevor’s out there.

“ I hope Trevor’s hard, cause I’m craving his cock in my mouth
National give Trevor Head Day is defined by sucking a Trevors penis. Suck Trevors Dick
by The Read Meaning January 4, 2022
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