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A day where everyone (namely students) are encouraged to wear Burgundy, as it is coined the 'most indie color of the decade', 'the most debated hue of the modern color palette' (between deciding what is 'maroon' or 'burgundy' or 'somethinginthemiddle') and a hue specifically chosen to unconsciously boost students' excellence during the May testing season. National Burgundy Day was originally held on 5/1 but then moved to 5/5 to make the correlation easier between the 'Maroon' in 'Maroon Five', and the color Burgundy for anyone that wants to participate. Any time early in May, the period of testing, is when the awareness day is celebrated.

Wearing burgundy on National Burgundy Day is an awareness for the testing season in full throttle in the beginning weeks of May; as numerous scientific studies correlate wearing hues of red will boost more postsynaptic neuron activity and overall, boost test scores. Simply put, wearing hues of red (like burgundy) have been correlated to students feeling more confident, assured, focused, and overall do better on their testing during their finals weeks. Thus National Burgundy Day for students also acts as an awareness day, and hollistic support for all in testing weeks.

Not to mention, it's sexy as hell.
"Why's everyone wearing Maroon today?"
"Morrison has his finals today. And it's Burgundy you dipshit."

"Damn. Right. National Burgundy Day."
by clusterbrain May 05, 2015
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