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Nathan kiely is an Amsterdam coffee shop owner that smokes the finest hashish's and marijuana's
I smoked a fat j with Nathan kiely the other day daycent
by Calculatorfucker July 15, 2018
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Nathan Kiely is a very funky , and funny guy , there personality and appearance may be edgy but they always strive to achieve . He may act out of the ordinary in front of people they admire and adore , but if they see something in someone’s attitude and appearance that he fantasizes he may get clingy and will never stop to get closer to that person . All girls adore him but only as a freind which he quite dislikes as for that reason he will try to catch your heart.
Girl: That boy over there looks cute Boy: He seems nice and friendly but would you go on a date with him ? Girl: No I can tell he is a Nathan Kiely
by Mr_Cachuco July 15, 2018
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