Someone who is a ho and does nasty stuff like have sex in a porta potty or gets fingered by many men at school then tries to act sad and depressed when someone exposes them to another one of her boys she's talking to
Sorry I just had to let my boys know you're a nasty ho
by Idgafboutaho July 10, 2017
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A fat chic that goes to my school. Around 300 lbs. or so and likes to wear short skirts and tube tops.
Everyone: Did you see what Cassie's wearing today!? Holy Mother Of COW!

Me: Dude...Someone needs to tell her. I think we're all pretty tired of this. Tomorrow, half the school ain't gonna show up 'cuz they'll be at home puking.
by Juggalette Mini March 22, 2004
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1)term used to describe a nasty ass fuckin slut that you woulndt touch even with a rubber
2)or an event that surpases freak nastiness
1) Would you tap Christine? Fuck no! Christine is ho nasty.
2) Did you hear what Janie did to Chris at the party last night? Yeah, i saw it too. that was ho nasty.
by carry a big stick when walking September 20, 2005
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self explanatory.
person 1: Eww. Doesn't that girl have a new boyfriend every week?

Person 2: Yeah, shes kind of a dirty-nasty-skanky-ho.
by prescott_girl May 29, 2011
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(1) Reeking of unpleasantness and overall skankitude.

(2) That which causes utmost disgust and revulsion.

(3) Term that describes a woman that runs away with another woman's husband.
"Oh my god. She is wearing the most skank-ho nasty outfit I have ever seen."

"Wow, it really smells skank-ho nasty in there. You should probably wait a few minutes."
by Megan (Boobs.) May 04, 2006
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