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1) A person who a lil freaky and looks forward to freaky sex.
2) A person who refers themselves as a "non-virgin".
3) Sexual activity engaged in wierd places.
1) The boy Tonio down the street is a lil nasty nasty.
2) Stripton` a nasty nasty because he sent to me how he got laid last night by mistake.
3) Charlie and Tamicia were doing a lil nasty nasty in the corner of the pool.
by Azn & Mex June 24, 2006
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A person with an outwardly dominant, masculine, or aggressive personality, but who also enthusiastically takes on the submissive or "bottom" role in the bedroom.
"I'm tough, Mike! I never give an inch! I'm partial to taking a few though..."
"Ah, you're a real pipehitter."
by Skeletalchemy June 15, 2021
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A psydenoum for 69, can also be used for any sex act.
Karthick was on top during our nasty nasty.
by shsgsc March 16, 2011
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Describes an object that is just plain wretched and disgusting which goes beyond humanity.
That six month old guacamole in your fridge is nasty-nasty.

That girl, with the lip sore, is nasty-nasty.
by Chong November 16, 2004
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She did the nasty nasty to Jerome
Made popular by the youtube rapper lil lucre & akuma.
by Lil lucre January 23, 2019
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What your moms and dads be doing all night
Ohhhh damn! I want to do the Nasty Nasty with yo moms
by Nasty puss boy June 02, 2021
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