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The county seat of Nash County North Carolina and much more appealing than the neighboring Rocky Mount, which is constantly involved in attempts to annex it.
"Let's go to Nashville, NC"~Rocky Mount citizen

Typical Rocky Mount citizen: "Mom can you come pick me up? I'm at the Nashville Police station"
by TrickyBatts January 29, 2011
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1 )the oldest city in the world ever, this town is so old dinosaurs drove around in there fred flintstone and stoped and ate at town a country (the greasiest restaurant in the south for old white people) where they got diarrhea and tore up that toilet!

2 )a place the rednecks now have entirely populated the area by inbreeding and is so country they have a sex club called the family Reunion.

3 )a town where most white people become white supremacists, yet for some reason still think they're black
if you see a person that as successfully smoked every smokable substance on the planet and they're white with a swastika band on there arm and walk like they all dat they're are automatically from Nashville, NC!
by OhShizleIzleGar April 19, 2011
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