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When you finger a girl while jerking off into a condom. Jerking off in a condom is easier for clean up. But make sure you throw it out. You don't want her squeezing your baby batter into her vajayjays. Because of she does and gets pregnant, you'll have to pull an "Italian Abortion," on her.
When you go out trolling for poon. Meet some hawt ginger bartender from the next town over. Maybe she doesnt wana bang cuz she doesn't wana ruin her rep. So you make out. Slap some titties. Both of you wana cum. So she let's you finger yer. You jerkoff. You both cum. But using a condom is safer and cleaner. The Nashville Nine has a 9 out of 10 chance of working. But be sure to toss the condom. You dont want her squeezing your baby batter into her so she can get preggo. Or else you have to resort to using the ole "Italian Abortion" on her.
by FILTHTKX2 June 17, 2018
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