Just a really great anime that includes wayyyy to many details. still good tho.
Naruto is just a noodle luving child.
boy 1 : "yo have u seen demon slayer?" Boy 2 : "yuh" Boy 3 " i have seen naruto but not demon slayer"
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by Y U K I - C H A N January 25, 2021
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a awesome anime where people eat irichaku ramen/Naruto favorite restaurant and some people in Naruto kakashi,saskue,sakura/trash,kiba,madara,itachi,obito,hinata,nagato,tsunade,garra,minato,orichamaru,rock lee,deidara,pain,shikamaru,neji,inu,sasori,temari,shisui,kushina,hashirama,tenten,konan
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by i feel like naruto uchiha October 09, 2020
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Naruto is a kid who has a demon inside of him. He wants to become hokage of his village ( The Leaf Village) and in the future he does
Naruto is hokage
by Hehee me TikTok Adri_the.weeb November 29, 2019
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He think that he like sakura until he saw hinata with a rasengon
sakura said "naruto did you and hinata rasengon each other
by tanjrioneazuko March 09, 2021
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the best show you’ll ever watch.
β€œhave you seen naruto?”
β€œits the best thing i’ve ever watched”

I have to put something like this but its legendary.
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by narutoramen December 26, 2020
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idk i don't like Japanese pornography cuz i have a life. its like some gay idiot who likes to suck some guy named Saskue dick. and like wines about him 24/7. also he like had a guy named arikera who saved narutos life or somthn, gave him free food and was always seeing if he was ok, but because Naruto is a faggot, he thinks his enemy who was his teammate, almost never worked together and aruka was his teacher and let him pass or somthin and also both of there parents died from HIV even tho Akirea or whatevers parents died to from ebola or somthin too, but he is to old for naruto to fuck to he fucks saskue. also because the writers are feminin they decided to make naruto or something, like get the shit beaten out of a girl named sakura like the bacteria, he also lets her make fun of him or somthin and he is an orphan. but like when she gets "harassed " the snowflake writers want to show that girls are "strwwwongg" and she gets really strong or somthin. then the people now look like if the artists took shrooms while drawing them. bro idrk about this. also if you are a lgbtq activist and like Naruto i am sorry for u.
person: naruto gay

snowflake: GwEwTT YoUr HeAt OuT oF YoUr AsSs mNaTll sNnUTTunt WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

person: damn what about all of the opinion shit u wrote
by B)ees April 08, 2021
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