1. Fighting a tough enemy against your own will. (Movie Definition)

2. You/Friend(s) about to sleep with someone nasty

3. Taking a shit
1. You will Narfle the Garthok

2a. I Narfled the Garthok lastnight
2b. Dave looks like he's going to Narfle the Garthok
2c. Hey lets all Narfle the Garthok tonight

3. I'm going to Narfle the Garthok
by Tipsy T June 19, 2008
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To just lie around doing nothing in a hospital bed after being mentally or neurologically damaged beyond repair. Mentally or functionally FUBAR.
Narfle the Garthok:

That head injury over in bed 6, on the ventilator now, after he swan dived off the building onto is face, is seriously narfling the garthok.
by Sebastian Trump October 06, 2010
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