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He has the biggest balls ever. He kicks everybodys ass and t bags everybody, boys and girls. He has a king kong dick, with pubes sprinkled all over it. He is the best guy around that has a real penis. He bangs chicks daily and he gets bjs everyday, but only from hot chicks. He is an amazing dancer and the best slow dancer there is.
Bill Nye "Did you hear Narek last night?"
Mario "Yea, I heard him pounding that pussy last night!"
Bill Nye "Well that's Narek for you!"
by Dontfuckwithmeihaveapenis October 29, 2011
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verb. nair-ick.

The act of turning any statement into song and dance.
Person A "oh my god"
Person B "ohhh myyy.... god. there's so many ways to love you. nah nah nah nah na na na, so many ways to love you."
Person A "Niiiccceeeee Nareking skillz!!!"
by lrigbal August 17, 2016
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Nareks are legends. These people are the fucking BEST at doing anything. They have MASSIVE dicks. If you fuck with them, you done. Narek's are the best at fighting anyone. They would beat King Kong's ass in a fight, but they have a very soft heart. They might get a little off topic for a while. They forget things so easily. They fall in love very easily: but once they do they will be true to their girl and protect them no matter what. They will do most things that their girl tell them to do. They will compliment their girl everyday and help them when their in a bad mood. Nareks are really good with music. They really love dancing and playing musical instruments. They have a special musical gift. They also dance really good.
Girl: whos that over there?
Boy: dont mess with him, hes a narek. He will literally rip your pussy apart and chop of my dick.
by Spydude3534 November 20, 2017
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