Term used to describe the type of activity required to have produced the mystery damage that sometimes appears on your body after a night of heavy drinking.
"I have no idea how much i drank last night, but i must have been doing some serious naked bobcat wrestling to fuck myself up this bad."
by Phelis June 9, 2013
1st man: whats all the bangin coming from upstairs?

2nd man: its peter and john their naked bed wrestling the dirty bumlovers!
by southwalessniper December 26, 2009
The two combatants strip naked. A belt (or equivalent) is placed behinds the two competitors necks when facing each other on all fours. On 3, the wrestlers (when bound) attempt to back away from each other (as iguana do) and the first to cross the starting line (the original midpoint of the two) loses.
Shit got weird last night and I ended up naked iguana wrestling my mate.
by NakedIguanaWrestler August 18, 2017
A party where you can watch naked women mud wrestle and guys can even mud wrestle naked them selves.
by Deep blue 2012 July 10, 2010
A club people can join where they can go to watch women mud wrestle naked or mud wrestal naked themselves.
by Deep blue 2012 July 9, 2010