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Naked Sevens are the most irritating thing in the world. Anything that bugs you, bugs you like Naked Sevens.
Dude1: Dude! Did u see him making out with my ex?!
Dude2: Holy crap yes!
Dude1: That Bitch bugs me like Naked Sevens!!
by NakedSevensHater March 26, 2011
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Something that bugs you so much even though you could live without changing it. Or you can't change it yourself, someone else must do it. You get anxious it bugs you so much.
Her grass is SO long, it bugs me like naked sevens!

I hate the way my teacher writes her 7's, they don't have lines through them like I write them. They're naked sevens!
by happyasaclam12 March 25, 2011
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