The lesbian equivalent of the "gay beard". A male who is dating a lesbian, whether he is aware of that fact or not. The lesbian uses this man to pretend that she is straight.
This stems from the stereotype that lesbians keep short, undecorated nails for fingering.
Poor Allen, he has no idea that he's been Jenny's 'nail polish' for the past 5 years.
by LipstickLesbo March 27, 2017
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Mutli colored fluid from Hell! Nail Polish comes in a wide array or colors and costs. It's also close to impossible for a normal female human to consistently apply with anything close to acceptable results. It is placed in stores globally so as to infuriate women equally
out of pure boredom i did my nails...and you can see that this nail polish was not where close to even looking like any one under the age of 6 had put it on..what the heck??
by DaynaS February 28, 2008
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Typically, colored lacquer applied to fingernails (manicure) and toenails (pedicure) to make them look great! Used by both men and women.
* Traditionally worn by women on fingernails and toenails
* Becoming more popular for men on toenails
BB Couture and Man Glaze both offer nail polish designed for men in response to the increasing demand from guys for more masculine colors.
The toenail polish trend for men apparently got started by a number of male celebrities, possibly on the prompting of their wives or girlfriends (many pics online).
Erroneously belived to be a sign of a man being gay, in actuality it is becoming a popular style for many straight men.
It is considered to the be new "earring" for guys.
by Pedicure Dude November 12, 2009
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Clear or coloured liquid in a small glass bottle that can be painted on your nails. It's mainly a girl thing, but quite a few guys do it to...
Depending on your opinion, it can make people (both guys and girls) look better or some people prefer natual.

Becca: omg, Jess, you see that guy with the black nails...whoa he's amazing! Do you recon I have a chance?

Jess: Urrg! No way, he's proberbly gay!

Becca: Bet he's not... Hey, lad with the black nails, fancy getting a drink.

Guy: Yeah, sure =)


Bob: Bill you see those girls over there, the one's with the pink nail polish, omg, they're right tarts, everyone knows plain is sexy.

Bill: Yeah man, you said it!
by Jessica-x- August 3, 2009
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a very smelly substance tht is used to "paint" the nail or nails. called nail polish it has various colors and smells funky. After a while it will chip and result in you painting agian or useing nail polish remover to take it off.
Usually is thick and applies easily with a brush.
OMG gerard painted his nails with nail polish!
i have to paint my nails..with nail polish!
by ffffffffffffffiiiiiiiiiiii April 27, 2007
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A liquid which is made for putting on nails. It dries so it won't come off for a couple of days or using nail polish remover. Used by girls and some guys who are punk rock or gay. There are various colors to choose.
by Lizzy xD July 30, 2005
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A gross liquid that supposedly makes your nails prettier. Used mainly by women but also by emo and goth men. It smells like car paint and i'm sure some weirdos sniff this stuff until they're high. Nail Polish is also known to make nails fungused by blocking light exposure under the nails. The only thing nastier than this stuff is press on nails.
secretly gay guy: that nail polish and those long fingernails makes her look hot.

straight man: you're a moron. every man knows natural, unpainted nails are true hotness.

secretly gay guy: damn. my cover's blown!
by Phil the Pill September 1, 2006
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