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The National Youth Rights Association - a youth-led non-profit that works to advance the civil rights and civil liberties of young people. Generally the organization fights against ageism, specifically it works to lower the voting age, lower the drinking age, repeal curfew laws, and protect student rights in school.

NYRA is also notable for having a grassroots based, transparent, and democratic structure and culture.

Pronounced Nye-rah (rhymes with Myra)

NYRA just introduced a bill to lower the voting age to 16
by KPalicz September 24, 2006
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Person 1: Dude, did you see that girl!?
Person 2: Yeahh she's a total Nyra!
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by cookiewafflefaceeye June 26, 2010
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Nyra is one of the characters in Kathryn Lasky's prized book: The Guardians of Ga'Hoole series which has sold more than 4 million copies. Nyra was the evil mate of Kludd and Queen of the Pure Ones. Nyra was also the mother of the second king Nyroc (or Coryn). It has been rumored that Nyra is a hagsfiend. After Kludd had died in the war known as: The Burning, Nyra took over the Pure Ones but didn't have any luck recruiting members. It is unknown to the fact that Nyra died in the War of the Ember. Nyra's first appearance was in book four: The Siege.
Legend of the Guardians:

Nyra: I am Nyra. The Ablah General of St. Aggies.
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Nyra to Nyroc: Give me the Ember Nyroc!
by The Guardians of Ga'Hoole October 20, 2010
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The National Youth Rights Association is an organisation that is for the complete elimination of all legal distinctions between children and adults. Their website is
NYRA is trying to lower the voting age in several states
by Thylacine July 19, 2005
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An organization run by a bunch of egotistical maniacs who are in it to reach their own political agenda. Also run by people who protest the stereotypes against teenagers and children while reinforcing them through their uncivilized, vulgar attitude (particularly towards dissenters with their cause).
NYRA is a joke. It might mean more if it wasn't a gated community masquerading as an organization promoting civil rights.
by Shauser5005 April 28, 2006
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An organization run by a bunch of egotistical maniacs that feel that they're the best thing to happen to Earth since sliced bread. Its community is run by moderators that act in an inconsistent, biased way -- picking favorites among users and visitors. The community members ostracize and gang up on people that don't agree with their points of view and opinions, which is funny, since this lawless, unbalanced community is supposed to be run by people that support freedom of speech and thought.

An organization with executives that hide behind the corporate entity while using verbal guerrila tactics to overcome those that disagree with them.

An organization that's so full of itself that they've defined themselves in an open-source encyclopedia. Oh, well. If I was starved for attention and attempting to silence my few damaging opponents, I might make a desperate cry for publicity, too.

An organization associated with a movement where one of its major influential people, Josh Gilbert, committed suicide. Gee, I wonder why?
One look at the vulgar nature of the communication within the community will turn any neutral adult into an ageist. The immature behavior of NYRA's members just reinforces the stereotypes that youth are indecent people that act before thinking carefully about their actions.

Yeah, so let's have NYRA just wipe out the voting age and drinking age. What's left? Way to plan our future, idiots!

"You're just not that important..." - Scott Davidson, a NYRA director, to someone who held skeptisism to the approach of the current youth rights movement

Assenter = Person exercising freedom of speech
Dissenter = Ageist bigot that writes libel

Freedom of speech is more than the freedom to write the "F" word a lot.
by Shauser5005 February 26, 2006
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