(n.) Alleged by many, but unproven either way occurence where someone on the brink of death experiences bliss, a tunnel with a light at the end, and a feeling of knowledge of all thier activities. The experiencer will claim to see any number of things, such as thier own (scientifically) dead body.
That guy has had a near death experience.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 8, 2004
Bro 1: I almost drowned under a floaty yesterday lmao
Bro 2: bruh you had a near death experience
Bro 3: vibe check from god!!
by sawft April 15, 2020
A vibe check from god. People call it almost dying but I call it a vibe check from god. :) your welcome.
You call it a near death experience, I call it a vibe check from god!
by KirbyVibe_Check November 5, 2020
Masturbating while hung over, such that your headache makes you think you might have a stroke and/or you feel like you might be having a heart attack, yet you keep going.
"I had such a bad hangover headache I had a near death experience while rubbing one out. But once you get started, you have to keep going..."
by Mrjsmith March 2, 2009
A near death experience while having sex, possibly leading to a sex injury.
We wife had a near death sexperience last night, flying ogf of the couch, hurting her leg and almost knocking herself out.
by Orik T. Viking December 8, 2021