a way of saying no
homie 1: you wanna get food?
homie 2: nah bro
by weedwhoredannydevito March 21, 2020
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when you encounter a rubbish thing and you're like nah bro what is this bro nah bro what is this bro what bro nah bro
"you have to do a 100000 word essay"
"Nah bro, what is this", " bro nah bro what is this bro what bro nah bro""
by BotBot3000 May 3, 2021
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an expression of disagreement or rejection basically.
oh hell nah bro i aint gonna fucking suck ur cock for 10 cents but that autistic 6 year old would
by ah ah ah you are dumb November 22, 2022
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when a man is expressing his interest in a particular subject of conversation. He is known to have curly hair with a fade and to usually drives a Golf R32. These types of people are commonly found doing 200 in a 30 zone at 9:30 sharp on a Monday morning and then arriving at their work/school/daycare with a look of absolute delight whilst exclaiming their love for their previous trip that they partook in.
*man wanders in through the door* *spies peers in back corner of room&* *heads over*

"bro, bro, nah listen bro"


"i'm not even joking when i say this but i ran over a kid bro"
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when you wanna reject a offer a friend is giving you while being chill about it
John: yo wanna hang
Me: nah bro, im good
by ihyyfpos April 2, 2023
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