the best racing series in the world.
no other series races three wide 10 rows
deep for 180 laps

ferrari does not race in nascar.

this is to the anynomus retard who said "i own a fucking nascar"he thinks nascar is a car and thinks a ferrari is to.

get out of your cave and watch some tv.

you probably have a pontiac fiero not a ferrari.
by CHRYSLER MAN August 01, 2004
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Making a left turn for 4 hours.
Faggot,"Hey NASCAR is on."
Jacob Dinkelman,"Nobody gives a fuck it's NASCAR. Let's watch a real sport."
by Waterloo Anon November 04, 2016
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National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing

Best sport out there w/o question. NASCAR is getting bigger and more popular every year and isn't slowing down.

People say "wow left turns all day". I would like to see you take that left turn at 200 mph 2 inches off another car's bumper without crashing.
"You going to the Daytona 500 Feburary 20th 2005?"
"Damn right I am"
by Dan February 14, 2005
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the second most spectated sport in the us behind the nfl. It consists of 43 cars going speeds up to 200 mph on oval or road course tracks (just like the irl but the cars in nascar look actually like cars while irl cars look like sticks on wheels)
everyone is wrong saying that nascar is only for rednecks when its not. so everyone who stereotypes nascar fans should shut up.
nascar was started in 1949
by norman calica October 09, 2007
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The people who vote these bad definitions up are just proving thereselves immature. Don't just vote NASCAR fan's definitions down unless you read the whole thing.

NASCAR IS and always will be a sport no matter what people say. It's great action and it's worth watching. It has tickets and fans, so saying NASCAR isn't a "sport" would be like saying the same for the NFL. Companies and People also make big money off of NASCAR like Fantasy Racing, Diecasts cars, Hats and Jackets with their favorite driver's Logo's and Numbers on it and such.
NASCAR now is the 2nd most popular sport in America.
by david` May 18, 2005
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a very misunterstood type of racing that is usually criticized by fans of other types of racing or people that are just too damn lazy to sit down and WATCH a race (if you like other types of racing, you will be hooked afterwards, believe me).

idiot trailer trash rednecks have given this thrilling form of racing a very very bad image. Nascar originated in the south and east but has grown extensively to the West. most modern day NASCAR drivers are not what you would call "rednecks"

Judging from most of these definitions, people need to get the facts straight about the whole purpose of Nascar. no, its NOT an "excuse for a bunch of cousin fuckin inbreds to expose their beer bellies and drink booze". and YES, it does take alot of talent to fight a 800 horsepower, 4 gear manual 10,000 RPM rear wheel drive stock car, finding traction with NO driver-forgiving computers (such as ABS or Traction control), through the corners fighting the bumps and wake turbulence of other drivers that are within 1 inch, going 4 wide at 200 mph.

Nascar is all about close, white knuckle racing. To the oval racing haters, it looks too easy. Nascar IS real racing. Road racing such as F1 is all about the driving. F1 drivers and NASCAR drivers have an equal amount of talent. But I have nothing against F1, as they can manufacture some of the fastest cars known on earth, but they must whore them out with driver forgiving aids.

consider this also. when they do races on road courses (Watkins Glen and Infineon) they have NO absolutely NO driver aids! they have to be twice as careful with the brakes, not to lock them up, and have to fight the rear end from giving out on the corners with no traction control devices. and no they do NOT drive "30 mph" like that idiot said. They do very very well throughout the course and do not crash. and since nascar is all about passing and racing close, they pass quite often.

Nascar is, and will never be understood or appreciated by non-fans. it is too stereotyped. if you are a fan of racing in general, do yourself a favor and watch a Talladega race sitting in the front row. you'll think twice.
If F1 raced on ovals such as Talladega superspeedway, and removed the driver aids, that would be funner than Nascar to watch. 43 cars doing 250+ MPH down the straights, 6 wide, inches apart, would be a thrill. On the other hand, it will then be criticized by idiots for not being real racing as they just turn left constantly...
by . . . . June 17, 2005
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the best fucking sport ever!!!!
if you don't like it, you have got to be nuts!
Nascar is the hottest sport around!
by ~*~*~*~ March 07, 2005
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