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1) The Great American Billboard Race
2) An event in which otherwise skilled drivers fail to display the true extent of their abilities
1) My 'Home Depot' beat your 'Best Buy'!
2) Yeah, I'm sure it's hard, but would a right turn every now and then hurt that much?
by Tha Pyngwyn November 02, 2004
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1. Non Athletic Sport Centred Around Rednecks


3. Neckcar
Any sport with this many derogatory nicknames can't be that good...
by fds May 04, 2004
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to the people who bash nascar id like to see you run 188 laps at talladega at 210 MPH, im sure you nascar bashers wouldnt last 1 lap. you'd flip about 10 times in the air if someone makes a mistake. you think just because you can "control" a car at 30 MPH you think you can control a stock car at 210? and i tell you, stock cars are harder to handle then normal cars and much lighter. i drove a stock car(richard petty driving experience) on a small track and nearly spun out at 50 mph. and rednecks has nothing to do with nascar. maybe it was way back in the 70's but now it's changed. people from all over the world watch nascar and its not a redneck sport. theres drivers from cali and washignton, new york, wisconsin, nevada, every where.

from America to Canada to England to Mexico to Germany to Japan to Australia, you'd be shocked how many people watch nascar. even people of all races not just whites. Nascar is becoming the most popularist sport in the usa. so stop all this bullshit nascar bashing. id like to see the bashers drive for 500 laps at Bristol Motor Speedway.
just give nascar a chance, i hated nascar at one time in my life, saw a race on TV and got hooked.
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fucking redneck krackers that came from small towns racing in the biggest cars they have ever seen in there life.
Instead of going to the KKK riot I am goin to fuck my sister and go to a NASCAR race and get drunk and piss on a car.

p.s. Fuck all redneck crakers
by ill will February 16, 2005
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A "sport" consisitng of a bunch of rednecks driving around in circles.
Possibly the gayest thing i have ever seen in my entire life. The drivers are not athletes because they DRIVE. When i drive around in my car, i dont consider myself an athlete. Its not even fun to watch if your drunk. How gay is that?
Nascar is gay because it is for rednecks who think it is a sport.
by Nascar is Gay October 24, 2004
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A bunch of idiots going right for way too long. Are you friggin' kidding me? These guys think going in circles makes them look fast? Trying turning right every now and then you flamin' idiots! F1 and the WRC drivers have more skill in their big toe nail than these rednecks!
Let's all get together and drink beer at the Nascar event and look like total retards! MAybe someone will crash so we actually have some art for the living room!
by wade July 05, 2004
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