(pronounced Know-b) Shortened word for Noble. Someone who is generous
That dude is so nob'. He bought me a car!
by Johhnny J February 05, 2009
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The end of a man/shemales penis
The nob stopped my hand from slipping off
by john howard April 26, 2003
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to suck, lick, and bite on a man's penis (aka oral sex)
his warm, erect penis slid straight into my mouth; and as i sucked faster and faster he began to cum in my mouth. i happily swallowed it and continued sucking. (i gave him nob or i was nobbing him)
by heftyclean July 07, 2009
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the appendage that projects from a male groinage, also known as a peni. this protusion is used for stabbation of females unless the nob in question expands due to fellow nobs, these nobs should be removed. when the nob enjoys itself it produces a substance which is the staple diet of cock monsters
his nob dangled between his legs
by Master of Nutrition October 08, 2003
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something i use on ur mum. in every hole (if it fits)
wow ur nob islarger than my leg. Thats write
by lukemanguy May 29, 2011
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