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The Mythical Griffon refers to the sexual act where a male pulls out of the female right before ejaculation (typically in the missionary, cowgirl, and other related positions where the participants are facing each other) and cums into one's hand and simply, openhandedly, slaps the female across the face, or bitch slaps her, unexpectedly thus splattering the semen all over the female's face hopefully to get it in the eyes, mouth, ears, nose and hair.

Can also be accomplished using the "Cymbal" effect: a two handed Mythical Griffon via Doggie Style by clapping one's hands on the face of the female unexpectedly after having came in both hands and rubbed together as if playing the Cymbals. Sometimes referred to as the Cymballic Mythical Griffon.
"She had taken Excedrin and wine together by accident and I was boning her blacked-out ass in standing missionary and then I pulled out and fucking Mythical Griffoned the shit out of her!"
by beefcurts May 18, 2010
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