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An individual of questionable or unknown racial and/or ethnic origin.
(Said of a tri-racial, Caucasian, Black, and American Indian female with indefinite ethnic features): "Damn, that chick is mystery meat!"
by Walther Darre March 06, 2010
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Term used in the joint for all meat products. It tasted like shit and no one knew just exactly what animal(s) it came from.
What we havin' for breakfast homes? Shit on a shingle with some mystery meat.
by thesanitycruzer July 15, 2012
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meat that is not readily identifiable, especially as served
in a student dining hall, fraternity house, etc
I am not going to eat that mystery meat unless someone can tell me what it is.
by Light Joker September 02, 2005
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The stuff they serve in the cafeteria, which is of unknown origin.
Today's luncheon special is leftover mystery meat.
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
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1. Fillers and other additives that are put into hashish to increase the volume at little or no cost. Such ingredients include but are not limited to:
Kerosene, gas, and/or diesel fuels and/or by-products
Ground up bricks
Such ingredients are commonly found in "Soap Bars", an extremely cheap and low potency form of hashish that is commonly found in the UK. The best hashish can be bought in Holland or Amsterdam.

2. A common term used to describe school lunch meat that is of unknown origin. It is usually drenched in gravy to disguise whatever it is really made from.
1. Dude, dont smoke that shit, it's filled with mystery meat.

2. This mystery meat is so chewy, I think it's made from rubber.
by Lil' Grimmy May 22, 2006
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Plastics, cutters, and other agents used to cheaply increase the volume of the cannabis product known as hashish
That english shit's full of mystery meat, buy from holland if you really want the good shit
by anonymous May 01, 2004
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what you get from the kebab shop - whoever saw a round lamb leg three feet long? WAKE UP PEOPLE!
after 20 beers or so we all went to uncle salaams for a feed of mystery meat
by aussie bob March 07, 2005
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