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Come from the popular youtube video "Crippin cousins". Where friends "Gzuz" And "Fatass" Set out on an adventure to buy some drugs after trying to gain Street Credit.
Gzuz: What's crackin Fatass?
Fatass: Uh, nuthin.
Gzuz: What you reppin cuz?
Fatass: I'm blood all day!
Gzuz: Nah fool you reppin crip son, you got the blue rag thats crip don't forget that.
Fatass: Uhhhh...
Gzuz: Can't be walkin upto real crips and be talkin' bout bloods and shit.
Fatass: How I'm supposed to know? Only time I be bangin is on myspace.

Meaning Fatass was "Myspace bangin"
by TheChaoticBrandon January 27, 2009
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The Act of bangin or arguing over tha internet mainly myspace; gang bangin over myspace;
"Yeah we was Myspace Bangin but them cats don't wanna see me in real life"
by Dat Dude31 May 07, 2008
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