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A Myrdraal is a type of monster that is from Robert Jordan's book series, The Wheel of Time. Myrddraal are the backbone of the Shadowspawn army of the Dark One. They have different names in many lands, such as Fade, The Eyless, Halfman, Shadowmen, and Neverborn. Myths say they stand twenty feet tall and disappear when viewed from the side. In actuality, Myrddraal usually stand around seven or eight feet tall, have no eyes, and have skin that is pale white. Their eylessness does not hinder their sight; they see excellent in the day and even better in the night. Myrddraal have a talent that allows them to disappear into shadows, and move to another shadow far away without actually having to pass across the physical distance between the two places. When not using this skill, the Myrddraal move with a serpent-like grace. Wind does not touch them, and therefore their cloaks will not move, even in the heaviest of winds. Their only weakness is running water, which will stop any of them dead in their tracks. Their gaze inspires fear into any man or creature, and hence the saying, "The gaze of The Eyeless is fear." This allows them to be an excellent commander of Trollocs. Myrddraal also have the ability to link with a number of Trollocs, taking control of their minds and their will. However, the death of the commanding Myrdrrall means the simultaneous death of the linked Trollocs. Myrddraal also do not use the same crude weapons of their Trolloc counterparts. They use pitch black blades that are made in Thakan'dar, which is near the entrance to the Pit of Doom. Each one of these specially made swords is dipped into a tainted pool in Shayol Ghul and is then used to kill a man or woman, which infuses their soul into the blade, making it more powerful. A wound from one of these swords is almost always fatal unless healed with the One Power.
"The gaze of The Eyless is fear."
"Myrddraal are the foundation of the Shadowspawn."
by Orin October 27, 2005
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