Is when you have a little boy or someone younger than you. They always follow you around and they start protecting you and looking up to you. Its like your son
1.Daywan might be 1 year younger than Me but he is my son.

2.Carl is my son even tho we is 4 years apart
by Smoneyforlikes January 09, 2017
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Slang term for giant; A very humongous person with extremely large testicles; Gulliver's real name of the book Gulliver's Travels is Myson Lemuel Gulliver.
Jesse is 8'5" tall, he's such a Myson.
by mikailoh September 22, 2012
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possessory term referring to male child born to an individual parent,
reason for being, the love of a parent's life
My son means the world to me.
My son is visiting his sperm-donor parent today.
I work hard and tolerate nonsense to support my son.
by single mom of baby boy June 21, 2008
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