A band that thinks they're a "rock" band, but is really as pop as Katy Perry or One Direction. Have no fans above the age of 14, and have lyrics and music that scream "desperate for fame." Plus, those guys are over thirty. Aren't they a little old to be playing music like that?
12 year old girl: omg i love my chemical romance!
man with a successful career, lovable wife, and high intellect: go listen to ok computer, and see what you're missing.
by Siamese Cream March 17, 2013
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american rock band my chemical romance is the greatest pop punk band to ever exist. The members aka Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, and Frank Iero are all very nice people :D My Chem DIED in 2013 and broke everyone's emo hearts but came back in October of 2019 and did one concert before corona had to ruin everything >:(

we still dont know if we're getting any new music from the band anytime soon but Frank's solo music is awesome and he gives us new music often enough so i guess we'll be fine XD
dumb human: "My Chemical Romance is TRASH! imagine obsessing over old dudes who are like THREE TIMES YER AGE!!!"

smart human: *dresses up as revenge Frank Iero and kicks dumb person in the balls*
by dahvievanityhater4life February 15, 2021
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The best idea anyone could come up with. When you're hit with such great inspiration it's like an epiphany
Oh shit!
I just had a My Chemical Romance moment
via giphy
by yoonminshoe January 23, 2021
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