My Chemical Romance is a watered down and slightly more uppity sounding version of HIM. They are unoriginal band with styles reflected that of legends of the past such as the Misfits, which are known to be, single handedly the most famous and popular horror punk band of all time(probably because they were one of the only successful groups).
On another note, My Chemical Romance is NOT, by any means punk. Punk is about unity and striving for a change. Some punk bands would include: the skeptix, aus rotten, the unseen, career soldiers, the germs, the briefs, the devachkas, the buzzcocks, etc..
MCR is not emo either. MCR, while it is bitchy, sad, melodramatic music, is NOT, by any means in the same boat as Chris Carabba of Dashboard Confessional.
They are also not hardcore. Hardcore involves screaming. Not whiny bitchy screaming, but "I'm going to eat your soul" screaming. Some examples of hardcore bands are as follows:
Atreyu, Bleeding Through, Dimmu Borgir, Children Of Bodom, Martyr AD, etc...

The only way to describe My Chemical Romance is as follows:

My Chemical Romance is the product of HIM and The Used getting together at a party, getting drunk and high and having intervaneous unprotected anal sex.

ps- if you shop at hot topic, you're not a punk. you're a fag. learn to DIY your own clothes and perhaps you won't get made fun of so much.
Minion Mall Goths: "My Chemical Romance kicks so much ass!!!The lead singer's so hot!!!!!"
Me: "WTF are you talking about? The lead singer is a faggot who wears makeup and kisses boys. How is that hot?!"
MMG's: "He just is. Don't make fun of him! Besides, their music is awesome."
Me: "Their music is shit."
MMG's: "OMG you're so mean! You remind me of those kids who think it's cool to pick on little kids because they like something but they really secretly like it themselves."
Me: "You remind me of gay. And on another note, I'd rather drill a hole in my forehead and pour salt in it that be unfortunate enough to have to withstand the torture of listening to so much as one of their songs."
MMG's: (run away scared)
by PopCultureFreak April 19, 2006
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A pop-punk band in the early 21st century. Hits include: Welcome to the Black Parade, Famous Last Words, and Common People. Sadly, they broke up in early 2013.
Gerard Way (vocals)
Frank Iero (guitar)
Ray Toro (Lead Guitar)
Bob Bryar (percussion)
Matt Pelissier (bass guitar)

This is a truly amazing band. Similar bands include Fall Out Boy, Blink-182, You Me At Six, and Panic! At The Disco
"Did you hear that My Chemical Romance broke up?"
"Yeah, and it's such a shame. Fall Out Boy just got back together, too!"
by PatrickStumpFangirl November 13, 2013
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an emo band

although they are good,and although i hate emos,they are an emo band if they are not emo what music is!
my chemical romance is quite dark music but the band have incredible tallent
by sillouette April 10, 2006
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A 5 piece band from New Jersey. Hard to define genre, much like HIM, so they made their own (Death rock) which fits well. They aren't punk, and they aren't emo. These two genres and the MTV generation have just hijacked their concerts. Shouldn't be judged on just their singles, they're just the more catchy tunes. So many other songs (Cemetery Drive for example) are better, but wouldn't work as a single. The sort of band which gets too much stick from jealous posers. Quite close in sound to The Used, and very little like Green Day.
My Chemical Romance aren't fucking emo!
by Sporkehdude February 19, 2006
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My Chemical Romance- a talented band whose music doesn't need to be put into some lame category to make it easier for people to recognise.
The style of music they play varies from song to song- both in the way they sound and the subject matter.

They're not some self pitying bunch of losers who make up songs about death and chaos because their dark t-shirts got put in with the white wash.
Their lyrics focus on the real world, using metaphors to represent personal situations and experiences, and to comment on issues like violence and depression, although the songs themselves aren't depressing. For those who are not into the lyrics- listen to the great quality of the vocals, the song structure and the instrumentals- they are fantastic just by themselves.

Now- i have a few bones to pick.
The band have recently been on MTV- but it doesn't make them sellouts- it just means that they've been recognised by a wider audience as their fanbase gets bigger. I mean what are they supposed to do- tell all their fans not to talk about them and to keep it "hush hush"??? I really think that people shouldn't dismiss them because they think it isn't "cool" to like music that other people know about. Music is music- and being a faithful fan from the very beginning- i say good for them.

And to all the people out there who say that the band are all a bunch of "gays"- i would like to ask you-
What the hell would it matter if they were all gay??
What does that have to do with good music??
Honestly if you are one of those people i say get over yourselves. It's the 21st century- time to accept it and get over this pissy little prejudice you have, if you please.
I'm equally disgusted with all the people who get into the band because they think that the members are "hot". Big deal. There are plenty of good looking guys out there- so before you get all hot and bothered over the band try listening to their music first.

Just like to finish by saying- if you don't like the band, then leave them alone. They don't need to be bagged out by some losers with too much time on their hands.
Spend less time saying negative things about bands you don't like and more time being positive about the ones you are into.
I tried to be different from my peers, not so much in to Halloween and shit, but thinking about real life horror. -Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance.

by isbee January 03, 2006
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A band from New Jersey that's genre is "disputed" according to Wikipedia. What this means is that emos don't like to be described as "emo" and therefore deny any remotely accurate description the music they listen to, instead defiling other genres such as "punk", "rock" or even "metal".

I used to be one of those people who just laughed their ass off at how emo My Chemical Romance was, without even listening to them. Then I gave them a try and now I can assuredly say that their music is emotional, angsty, whiny and loud. The band has been known to describe their music as "violent, dangerous pop" which may be very accurate; the band is very self centered in their emotions which they whore out to the masses. The quintessential reality of the matter is that My Chemical Romance is very good at appealing to their massive audience, which requires that they be good at faking emotions.

Some people enjoy their music and others don't. But it all comes down to My Chemical Romance giving impressionable children a bandwagon to ride on and a bad name to people who they are trying to be like. Common misconceptions are "goth", "punk" and "hardcore". The zeitgeist of their bandwagon combined with the lack of intelligence of many of their younger fans can result in misunderstandings, misgivings and ultimately: misinfluences.
Often, when describes My Chemical Romance as "punk rock", "pop punk", or "alternative rock", they may be actually trying to make themselves sound cool while at the same time being "emotional" or "deep".

They may even be listening to the secret musical genre "emo".
by howwitty August 09, 2007
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Shit in a can. The band members do marijuana, which kills brain cells and can lead to overdoses. The band worships Satan, and can often be seen biting the heads off innocent animals, throwing fake blood into the crowd, and exposing themselves to the audience. A fan told me that during their shows naked women run on stage covered in blood and masturbate. The whole thing is fuckin sick. My Chemical Romance should be executed for the things they do.
MCR will burn in hell someday!
by Tamponville May 09, 2005
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