A band. Good or bad...that's for you to decide for yourself.
I don't need someone telling me whether My Chemical Romance sucks or that they're amazing. I'll decide for myself, thanks.
by theSHAN May 07, 2006
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A rock band that, contrary from popular belief, is not emo. Most people assume that they are emo because from the video of "Famous Last Words" and "Welcome to the Black Parade", the style is dark, relates to death, and uses LOTS of black eyeliner. Songs prior to that, like "Kill All Your Friends" or "I'm not OK" are emo. The style seems emo, but not the band. Lyrics form FLW: "...I am not afraid to keep on living...", that's ANTI-emo. The album "Dangerous Days..."(too long to type) is more heavy rock, but not emo.
Friend: You listen to My Chemical Romance? You're so emo!

Me: No, I'm not.
by TheDoubleJ February 03, 2011
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A really good band that doesn't deserve the crap they get from some people. They are not emo, no matter what people say. They don't deserve all the shitty people screaming over the boys themselves, those people can just go and die for all i care. You love em for their music and if you don't love em, shut the hell up.
by Alex Rat March 28, 2005
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My Chemical Romance are a band from NJ. I;m not going to attempt to give them a specific genre, because they have many influences. Guitar wise they use a mixture of punk and metal riffs, mainly due to the bands love of bands like the Misfits, and metal bands such as iron Maiden. Lyrically, Gerard Way writes in a style similar to that of Morrisey, using metaphors and story-telling to get across his point.

In reading the other definitions here, I was quite angered by the many comments about the band slitting their wrists, or encouraging their fans to do so, because one of the most important messages the band gives out is that self-harm is not acceptable. "No-one should ever feel the need to hurt themselves, because the rest of the world hurts you badly enough." They hate the idea of self-harm, and will always encourage their fans to get some help. Regardless of whether or not you personally like the music, people should never insult a band that to someone else could mean so much, and could have helped someone else so much. I don't like Slayer, to me slayer just sounds like noise, but I won't insult them because to someone they could have been a great help, could inspire them, or could just mean a lot to someone.
Band members are Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, and Bob Bryar. Yes, they are all quite good looking, but that isn't what the music is about, and they get quite uncomfortable about the attention to their looks.
They're very nice guys, I hung out without them quite a bit a few weeks ago, and none of them once mentioned a wish to slit their wrists, mainly they just took the mickey out of each other, and tried to set me on fire by dropping their cigarettes on my shoes.
Whilst all of them hate homophobia, and make a point of standing up for anti-prejudiced feelings, none of them are actually gay, just open-minded people, who stand up for others who can't stand up for themselves.
They aren't emo, please research genres and learn correct definitions before you label bands as emo.
"He said "Son when, you grow up, will you be, the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned."

He said "will you defeat them, your demons and all the non-believers, the plans they have made.""

"We'll Carry on
Though your dead and gone believe me
Your memory will carry on
We'll carry on
And in my heart I cant contain it
The anthem wont explain it."

"Defiant to the end, we hear the call"

My Chemical Romance-Not exactly depressing lyrics in my opinion.

Welcome to the Black Parade-Possibly the most uplifting song I've heard.

by M L B September 20, 2006
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People hate them because they think they call themselves goth. Gerard Way said himself that he didn't think they were goth. They only got labeled that cause Gerard has an obsession with death. I think thats cool. Their sound is unlike anything I have ever heard.
there will be haters, but there are too many for My Chemical Romance
by Billy L. July 08, 2005
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A book I wrote about how I made love to an oxygen particle
"Have you read my new book, My Chemical Romance?"
by Robert Graysmith August 22, 2007
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My Chemical Romance is a New Jersey band that was started by vocalist Gerard Way and after the 9/11 attacks. Before that, Gerard was working as a comic book artist in New York, but he didn't feel like his job was helping anyone. He wanted to reach out to people. 9/11 spurred him into action and it was also his inspiration for the song "Skylines and Turnstiles". He got in contact with his friend Matt Pelissier (drummer) and began running songs. Later he called up guitarist Ray Toro and asked for him to play. They still needed a bass though, so Gerard asked his brother Mikey Way if he would learn bass so he could be in the band. Frank Iero became a later addition (former lead guitar and vocals for the New Jersey band, Pencey Prep). Matt later left the group in 2004 and was replaced by Bob Bryar, the tech man touring with The Used.
Gerard used to get drunk before every show to prevent stage fright. All the drinking eventually made him suicidal and he didn't want to go on like this way anymore. He decided that he wanted to take his life but was fortuantely talked out of it by his Tour Manager. August 11, 2004, Gerard went cold turkey from his drinking problem and taking pills (Xanax). He has been sober ever since.

There has been controversy over the precise musical genre of My Chemical Romance. They have been things such as: punk, emo, hardcore, screamo, goth, and vampiric rock. I personally don't label them. They have an entirely unique sound all of their own that doesn't need a definition. Call them what you want, but to me, they are simply MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.

Bassist Mikey Way was working in Barnes and Noble when he came across some books by Irvine Welsh. One Title caught his eye: "Extacy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance". He proposed the name to the band after adding the "My" for a personal touch.

Their first album, "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" was released in 2002. There are videos for "Honey..." and "Vampires...", but they never reached the surface. They can be viewed on youtube.com.

1. "Romance"
2. "Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For the Two of Us"
3. "Vampires Will Never Hurt You"
4. "Drowning Lessons"
5. "Our Lady Of Sorrows"
6. "Headfirst for Halos"
7. "Skylines and Turnstiles"
8. "Early Sunsets Over Monroeville"
9. "This is the Best Day Ever
10. "Cubicles"
11. "Demolition Lovers"

"Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" was later put out in 2004. The album sold more in the first week than "Bullets" sold in it's whole lifespan. Singles are: "Helena", "I'm Not Okay (I Prmoise)", and "Ghost of You". Rumors have it that the next song will be "Prison..." or "Cemetery Drive". "Helena" was about Gerard and Mikey's grandmother, Elena Lee Rush, passing away.

1. "Helena"
2. "Give 'Em Hell, Kid"
3. "To The End"
4. "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison"
5. "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
6. "Ghost Of You"
7. "Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You"
8. "Interlude"
9. "Thank You For The Venom"
10. "Hang 'Em High"
11. "It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Fucking Deathwish"
12. "Cemetery Drive"
13. "I Never Told You What I Do For a Living"

The band is now working on their next album, rumored to be called "The Rise and Fall of My Chemical Romance". Their DVD/CD documentary, "Life on the Murder Scene" was released March 21, 2006 to the joy of their fans. It includes 2 DVD discs of video diaries and live performances and 1 CD of live performances.
My Chemical Romance is a sincere band and loves to play live and meet fans. They genuinely care about their fans too, and not just about the publicity. At shows, Gerard will tell the crowd things like: "If you or someone you know is suicidal, YOU NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT. Talk to a friend, a teacher, a parent, someone from school, I don't give a fuck who. Just talk to someone."

My Chemical Romance is the band that saved my life.
by O___O April 02, 2006
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