There are three kinds:

Type 1: Thinks they are better than everyone else because they knew the band when they weren't popular.

Type 2: Started liking the band because of "The Black Parade"; considered "posers" by Type 1 fans.

Type 3: People who just LIKE THEIR FUCKING MUSIC, PERIOD. NORMAL PEOPLE WHO DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THE "IMAGE" OF THE BAND. Pissed off because they, sadly, get classified with the other two types.
Dude #1: God, I'm really starting to hate the My Chemical Romance Fans.

Dude #2: Not all of 'em are assholes, man. Some of them are normal people who can carry on with their everyday lives while still enjoying the band's music.

Dude #1: Wow, I feel enlightened. I think I will go worship Neil Patrick Harris. Thank you.
by Lily_of_Geeks August 9, 2009
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MCR fans are fans of MCR because of the music. Yes, there will be some people who are all "zomgz frankie is so hawt" or complaining about how "Gerard doesn't look hot anymore with blond hair".
They're obviously not proper fans of the music. A lot of people are fans of MCR, because MCR saved their life. Thats what they are there for. The band saved their own lives, and are there to help other people.
My Chemical Romance fans: My Chemical Romances new album rocks!
Not a proper My Chemical Romance fan: zomgz I havent heard it yet! Did you see wat Gerrald Way did to his hair?! It sucks he doesnt look hawt now. Oh well I've still got Frankie to obsess over like a stupid teenie!
by Michelle<3 September 1, 2006
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My Chemical Romance Fans...its a complete unit. An army. MCR have a completely unique sound & perspective compared to most of the bands in the whole rock 'scene' today. One which CANNOT be denied. MCR are there to make a difference. For the true fans, the kids that are just like them, instead of fame & money - FACT. Yes some of the 'fans' are posers. But the ones that matter are in it for MCR. Nothing more. Nothing less. Because MCR saved our lives. Truly.
From the inside of MCR's 'Life on the Murder Scene' CD/DVD, to all My Chemical Romance Fans

"...and to the fans...this is for you. Thank you from the bottom of our black little hearts for staying so pure, so passionate and so strong. Your belief in us is immesurable and for that we love you eternally. xoxo -MCR "
by McR_forever August 6, 2006
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Really poser kids who think they can take over the world, claiming that Gerard Way is their god and so on. Now, let's of course, make clear that these kids only got to know of the band because Mtv completely commercialized Helena and now they dress in black and red because they're such goth-punk-rockers. These kids also claim that their kids will beat up other kids and that Frank Iero is one of the sexiest men alive.

It would be relevant to add that most of these kids listen to Simple Plan, Good Charlotte and Avril Lavigne and thus, deserve death.

Btw, I have nothing against the <i>real fans</i>, just that these ones suck major donkey cock.
My Chemical Romance Fan #1: OMGGGG gerards soo hotzzzz
My Chemical Romance Fan #2: OMG Yeah! I love Frank and Mikey more!
My Chemical Romance Fan #1: Oh yeah that's right.

Real Fan #1: How about like Bob, the drummer? He's got serious drumming skills...although Matt was better, but weird.
My Chemical Romance Fans #1 & #2: Bob who? Matt who?
MCR fan #1: Speak poser language, plase, real fan #1! We cant understand you!
by humans are scary October 10, 2005
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All My Chemical Romance fans are the same.

They walk around wearing the same tacky My Chemical Romance shirts based around some dark and mysterious picture with "My Chemical Romance" scribbled along the top in red writing made to look like blood because My Chemical Romance are so violent and harsh.

The majority of them wander around various internet websites just like this one being elitest snobs accusing everybody else that listens to them of being posers and 11 year old emo's who totally didn't like them way before they did but if you meet them in reality they are normally the dumb ones that walk around with a pound of eyeliner on and go to any gig because music is like their life when really all they listen to are the same poser bands the "poser fans" listen to.
A Conversation between My Chemical Romance fans.

McrFan1: Omg look at that girl she is listening to new My Chemical Romance what a poser we totally knew them before her.
McrFan2: Omg I know right, lets go whine about her on MCRmy I'm sure all the other real fans there will agree with us.
by mcransarereallystupid December 28, 2007
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Kids who have been brain-washed to listen to this band. They think they are the luckyist fans in the world. See what MCR's music has done to them? Their girl fans think Gerard is hot. Since when does a dead body look good?

Me-Great, like this world needs more Emo kids on it.
by SLJ March 30, 2006
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Honorable people. People who have been saved by the band My Chemical Romance.

No matter how much this band changes they always support them, because without them, they wouldn't be here.

They believe no person should be death threated for their music, not the Beiber fans, not the Maroon 5 fans, not even the Kanye West fans. In their eyes everyone is equal.

Called by magazines and band members, MCRmy. A combination of the bands initials and Army.
Random Person: Are you a My Chemical Romance Fan?

Fan: Do you mean am i part of the MCRmy?

Random Person: Yes!
by ErinChrysanthemumLee July 5, 2011
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