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1. An expression used when certain elements of a film, usually in the science fiction or fantasy genre, are so ridiculous or implausible that the viewer cannot suspend disbelief, causing the viewer to illicit an emotional response.

2. A expression of frustration over the unbelievable nature of a film character's actions, motivations, or personality traits.

The term was first used by the crew of the comedy podcast "We Hate Movies" during their review of "The Core". Although the film takes place in the present day (circa 2003, when the film was released), the film contains many 'fantastical' scientific elements, such as suits that can withstand extreme heat up to 4500 degrees. However, the film contains a hyper sense of reality, which not only gives the film an oddly serious tone, but in doing so, prevents the film from potentially being viewed as a 'popcorn flick'.
"I wrote this note that said, "My Ass, Movie!", and I don't know what its in reference to, cause it literally could be 10-12 different things."

"It could be anything, from the science involved, straight down to Stanley Tucci's wig."
by HelloSweetieDRw January 04, 2014
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