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A concept that refers to back-up instrument players with their microphones being muted. They will be shown singing and playing their drums, piano, or guitar and singing back-up for the lead singer. However they probably don't sing very well, so the lead singer mutes their microphone to insure a good overall performance. We use Ringo Star as an example because he is the least preferred of any of the Beatles and he had the worst singing voice of any of them.
Lead singer 1: Dude our drummer has such a bad voice

Lead singer 2: Yeah, why do we give him a microphone anyway?

Lead singer 1: I don't know but we should mute Ringo's mic.

Lead singer 2: Hah, so he'll think he's singing when he's really not?

Lead singer 1: Exactly!
by hedecky May 05, 2011
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