Music is an incredibly powerful thing. It can help you pull yourself through when you need it the most, it inspires us, and best of all, it gives us millions of ways to have fun!
Music: the only drug you'll ever need.
by Shoneska December 30, 2014
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music is like life, at first glance it is happy, but when you listen to the lyrics, it can be sad and depressing.

life can look good and happy, but when you get to know them, they can be depressed.
hi, i had to put something in. so music
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by 147852bjamdtc January 11, 2018
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Noise that is pleasing to the ears.
"I listened to some music the other day and it was quite pleasing to my ears."
by Jason A June 01, 2005
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One of the best reasons not to kill yourself.
It is an intangible element required for suitable life.
Music is love
Music is an expression of feeling through sound
Music is something that the entire world can agree on, that it is fucking awesome
Music is something that requires incredible skill, yet anyone in the world can make it.
Music is the shit
Music is on of the only things that will hold you and make you feel better
Music understands everyone
Music IS everyone
Music understands everything
Music IS everything
Music. It's some sick shit, yo
by Jizzy Jan February 15, 2010
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