A modern day version of events like "Woodstock".

EDM music, artwork, and other crafts are created by local artists and shared with the community while they camp out.

Infamous for their high amount of substance abuse, not everyone does drugs that go. That is a stereotype.
That girl goes to the music festival every year to see Bass Nectar and take psychedelic drugs because she wishes she was born in the 60's.
by California Bae Area September 19, 2016
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Panties that have been worn continuously for three days or more.
"My music festival panties stink like three-day-old beef strips."
by dikdik-from-IRC December 21, 2011
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The most mindblowing music festival ever. Mostly techno music such as Deadmau5, David Guetta, etc. It's simply heaven on a stage.
Ultra Music Festival was the greatest fucking thing ever this year, I'm definetley going back!
by fkjasdkfjafadfaer August 10, 2010
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An EDM music festival in Miami where fratboys, sorority girls, and oily clubbers go to dress up as ravers for once a year. Some people even call this edm larping. For the UMF attendee it isn't about PLUR like it is in California or Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), it's about hopping on whatever bandwagon the majority of people are into. If you are not larping like the rest of them they will not accept you into their community of fake ravers. At rave festivals like EDC it's about PLUR (PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT), and people accept you for who you are and don't give a fuck about stupid superficial shit. Alot of UMF edm larpers will even go as far as to say they hate PLUR, and that they only go for the music (this is another bandwagon because every edm larper says it). It really makes you realize how much better EDC is. All the real ravers know it too.
Ultra Music Festival (UMF) "raver": Hey, I hear everyone listens to Eric Prydz now...I guess I listen to him now. I hear he has alot of money too. I like money. Oh yeah fuck PLUR, I "only go for the music".

EDC raver: I love Eric Prydz because he has soul, not because of his money.... You don't go for the music. You just like the fact he's rich and everyone else is it doing it. Douche.
by caliraver69 December 6, 2018
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A summer music festival that everyone comes to to get drunk, high, and fuck. Most students are cocky asians, and the RAs are assholes, especially the fat one. There are no practice rooms and the food is shit. The second you arrive, everyone wants to go home. The locals are rich white racists who hate the music school.
Wow, you went to the Aspen music festival? How did you survive those two months?

I hooked up with so many celliests at the Aspen music festival. I was hungover for most of my lessons.
by aspenrasloveme June 26, 2018
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1. A music festival held in Bushnell, IL the week on 4th of July.
2. Heaven on Earth
"Dude, did you go to the Cornerstone Music Festival this year?"
"NO!!! Was it awesome?"
by mthsbandrocks10 January 2, 2009
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The funnest festival in the world, located at Camp Mather, Yosemite National Park twice a year on Memorial Day and Labor Day. All the songs are bluegrass and you can just relax for 4 perfect days of pure bliss =D
Cece: You goin to Strawberry Music Festival this year?
Sage: No it's lame, I'd much rather hang out with you!!

Everyone else: Idiots.
by mayaandchenoa3297641095613287 February 8, 2010
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