Used at a person who has a bowlcut, especially puffy bowlcuts
'Jackson you Mushroom boi'
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by Xx_Diamond_Sword_xX June 07, 2018
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1. Computer industry term for a programming primadonna with no social skills.

2. One who prefers writing code and/or administrating servers from a dark closet, whom is only to be bothered when someone has shit to throw at them.

3. An asshat with technical prowess that makes them hard to fire.
He's a damn good Unix admin, but he's a bit of a mushroom. If you don't want a condescening answer, there'd better be a server fire.
by irritus December 01, 2004
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Some majorly evil things. Work a lot with garden gnomes.
Watch out for them.
"Yes ! They stop the happy noodles !"
by Ashiezorz August 26, 2007
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A mushroom is an enormous/fat human being with a head shaped slightly abnormal, and a hairstyle which seems to differ from others and resembles a particular type of fungus/mushroom,and their nose seems to be physically misplaced and gigantic.(sometimes it may seem slightly crooked)
by alistar March 12, 2005
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A mushroom is guy who is unattractive overall without any redemptive qualities (such as good personality, charisma, sense of humor, smells good). They are just full of cringeworthy qualities such as:
Being painfully ugly
Lacking hygiene
Messy appearance
Typically shy

If there is something good about him that makes him tolerable, then he is probably not a mushroom.

The female equivalent is a moth.
"God, I hate Charlie. He's ugly, almost obese, rude, and smells really bad."

"Golly Jennifer, why are you even friends with that mushroom? All he does is play video games and avoid daylight. "
by misterxoxo November 18, 2015
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A mushroom is normally a girl (possibly a guy) with short hair shaped like a mushroom.
Sonia's new hair cut makes her look like a mushroom
by hehe sonia <3.. February 10, 2010
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a poisonous fungi grown mostly in shit or on damp logs, that makes you get in touch with your holographic spirit, oh and you trip. the trip lasts for 4 to 8 hours. try some dutch shrooms. goddamn.
by lefty September 16, 2003
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