Square-ish black, very dark sunglasses, similar to Oakley Canteen, although usually cheap knock-offs. Popularized in California prisons. Give you the appearance of a brooding gang banger.
Spike is sporting some new murder ones! They make him look like he's no joke!
by Bobby Now June 3, 2007
Ted just got convicted of murder one, now he's going to ride the lighning.
by Crapholio August 6, 2005
really low hair cut; bald even. Refers to the number one clipper, which cuts the lowest
"Yo, I walked in the room and caught the giggles as soon as I saw that funny looking dude with the murder one."
by Cha Bizzle July 14, 2008
Murder ones are reading glasses with thick black horn rim frames and rape over the bridge (optional) The important thing is that they are not sunglasses or shades. This us from convicts who originated the term based on those fighting a first degree murder conviction, who were regularly reading law books to appeal their cases, wearing government-issue glasses.
Joe looks like a psycho in those murder ones.
by MzBazooka August 29, 2017
"Ten nine eight seven six five four, three two murder one lyric at your door." -Method Man
by gafffe October 21, 2003