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A Mumble Fucker is a person who decides to deny themselves of the sense of hearing by wearing ear buds in an area where being able to hear will not only help others that may be trying to help you, but may help you save your own damn ass and not endanger others because you have chosen not to hear things. A really annoying Mumble Fucker wears sunglasses too in already poorly lit areas so they cant see or hear.
I saw this Mumble Fucker almost get hit by the subway train 'cause he was on the edge of the platform looking North for the South bound train and didnt hear the horn ' cause he had some tunes blasting in his ears. Then Ivsaw him blocking the escalator out of the subway tunnel and folks are trying to pass around him to walk up and he cant hear them say "excuse me" 'cause he's Mumble Fucking, tapping his foot and swaying to a beat...
by Artie Fact June 02, 2019
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Someone who criticises you for mumbling but in fact mumbles themselves
1*mumbles*"stop mumbling, it's really annoying
1*mumbles*"you keep mumbling all the time!"
2"mumble fucker"
by clarkyboi May 07, 2009
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