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Muhammed Suicmez is currently Necrophagists'
lead guitarist and vocalist. he was born and raised in Karlsruhe, Germany, although he is from Turkish Descent. during his late childhood he started listening to death metal, which influenced him greatly and what led him later into learning how to play guitar. unfortunately his parents were strict and forbade him to learn guitar, until age 15 when his older brother secretly helped him buy his first guitar, only to be discovered by his father who then destroyed it, of course Muhammed found ways to practice every day since that date, and is self-taught all the way up to date, at age 18 he had every song from his self-written album Onset to Putrefaction ready but not recorded. the ever-changing lineup of Necrophagist was a main factor that slowed the development of his band, finally when he was 22 he took the task of fulfilling his dream, which seemed impossible at the moment for various reasons, so he recorded every instrument of the whole album by himself, with the exception of the drums, which he programmed with a drum machine, he also produced everything by himself to, he released and distributed the album, by himself again, but lacking a label. A year later, he was successfully signed by Noise Solution Records, the record was re-released by Relapse records though, but still not in North America where Willowtip Records did the job (thankfully for the fact that Muhammed always wanted it to happen.). He then had a really bad illness for what he had to cancel several shows, he then wrote a thesis for his mechanical engineering university course.
Muhammed's exceptional style involves legato techniques, as well as sweep picking and the vast use of the harmonic minor scale and a really fast playing, and what characterizes him the most are his very complex solos fast and slow altogether, not saying the main riffs are slow lol. everything learnt by himself.
he is currently writing new material and will be for sure shredding everybody's brains off soon.

Muhammed's great effing style made him my role guitarist.
I hope Necrophagist Tours to US again soon.
Muhammed Suicmez is the greatest guitarist to date.
by HxC23 January 15, 2009
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The lead guitarist and vocalist for the technical death metal band Necrophagist. He is well on his way towards being the undisputed greatest guitarist who ever lived.

Enlightened Metalhead: Muhammed Suicmez could play their bullshit legato and over the neck.
by AlexC September 24, 2007
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